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Trilogy Non-Invasive Ventilation Machine Minnesota

non-invasive ventilation trilogy
Non-Invasive Ventilation Trilogy 100

We are proud to carry the Trilogy 100 ventilator, a non-invasive, positive pressure ventilator for patients with chronic respiratory failure. We have set up many customers on this non-invasive ventilation machine with outstanding results. The ventilator has several benefits:

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate screens with clear directions
  • Displays detailed readings for physicians; simplified screens for patients
  • Has the ability to set and accommodate daytime and sleep settings


  • Easy to transport; Allows patients to be able to move around
  • Weighs only 11 pounds
  • Has a 3-hour internal battery; 3-hour detachable battery


  • Provides customized therapy with both pressure and volume control
  • Has modes for patients who require both invasive and non-invasive ventilation


ProvidaCare provides personalized, in-home consultation for the Trilogy ventilator. We also follow-up quarterly to make sure you are still having success with the product. As always, we will work with you to verify your insurance when you are prescribed the home ventilator. Please call us at 218-727-5555 or ask your doctor if you think this may be a product that could help you or a loved one.

What our patients are saying about it

“Upon being set up on the Trilogy, our mother has greatly improved. Her breathing is not as shallow. She is more alert and oriented. It has made a world of difference in many ways.”

– Centilli Family to Brandi Bakker, ProvidaCare RRT

“This is much better than the one they tried using on me in the hospital. I can breathe with this one. Can you keep it on me? I feel so much better with it on.”

– COPD patient to Damon Marchus, ProvidaCare RRT

“This is exactly what I needed. Now maybe I’ll be able to avoid having to have a tracheostomy because of my breathing problems. Thank you for what you have done for me.”

 – Quadraplegia patient to Damon Marchus, ProvidaCare RRT

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